Innovation Tarik. L | 03 Novembre 2018

Algerian Inventor develops a wireless Stethoscope Prototype


A young Algerian inventor: Mohamed  El Amine  Mahiaoui who's a   university student from Sidi - Belabbes ( Algeria ) has come up with a wireless stethoscope which is considered a world premiere , it allows check ups from long distances with a high accuracy rate . This wireless Stethoscope is capable of picking up detailed heart sounds from a distance to any regular room size location and transmits these sounds to a conventional  EKG for final diagnosis. This inventor: Mr  Mohamed El Amine Mahiaoui is hoping to find sponsors in order to develop his prototype and make it ready for commercialisation in the Long distance medical diagnosis market . This is his first prototype for such a device and his main focus is to develop other devices or wireless applications than can also be used in the long distance diagnosis field .